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Wherever you’re moving, have you considered moving your vehicle too? Whether it’s your personal vehicle or something a bit larger for business, Kothari Packers and Movers safely transports thousands of vehicles internationally each year!

Moving Car with Kothari Packers and Movers In addition to having another familiar piece of home with you, it also makes financial sense: moving your vehicle with you can be cheaper.

Preparing vehicles ready to move
There are a few general guidelines to follow that will help avoid disputes and make the process as smooth as possible:

Details and documents: Make sure you have all the appropriate paperwork to hand, especially if distance-selling.

Running condition: Make notes of the vehicle’s performance prior to transit; this will allow you to spot any changes when the move is completed. Also make sure fluid and fuel levels are adequate if the vehicle will be driven during the delivery process.

Cleaning and exterior: Cleaning your vehicle, be it car or caravan, will help avoid damage caused by dirt rubbing the paintwork. Also it will allow you to more easily notice any scratches or scrapes that occur during the vehicle delivery.

Evidence: Photographs and an inventory before your vehicle is picked up are a great way to prove any damage was incurred during transport.

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We can transport your goods all over India. We have offices in major cities and affiliate branches all across India. Call us for your need today.

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